About Shubham Nagar

Shubham Nagar
Shubham Nagar

Shubham Nagar is at present Co-Founder and Director of InfoAxon Technologies Limited and comes with 16 years of experience in the IT industry. Shubham is a business leader with a unique mix of IT experience and business acumen. Highly Entrepreneurial in temperament and action. Avid follower of IT trends, latest technologies, and extremely excited with the global opportunities provided by the information/internet revolution, open source and open standards. I live between India and UK and work from our Indian office location in NOIDA Electronic City (a nice suburb near New Delhi) and Bracknell, United Kingdom.

My background is software engineering (A Computer Engineering Graduate by Education) and I have worked as Software Programmer, Software Architect, Technical Consultant, Technical Design Authority, Project Manager, Business Manager, Business Development. What interests me hugely is young Indian skills and talent, the movement of open source and how it impacts enterprises worldwide. One of the most passionate ideas for me is the confluence of availability of IT skills in India and other development economies, huge interest in the enterprise open source model and open standards. My past experience has been in Telecommunication, UK and Indian Public Sector mainly.

My personal goal is to help leverage the incredible talent still untapped in India by improving the “Value Perception”. India is still associated with low cost Offshore development and IT skills. My goal is to change and extend that perception by bring to fore the advantages, skills, hard work and committment the Indian IT skills can make to the global IT to transform and achieve great heights. My current passion is to make InfoAxon technologies the torch bearer organisation that brings the significant innovation and choice of open source development and open standards to enterprises in India and world wide.


One thought on “About Shubham Nagar

  1. Apart from these, this orgnization has been helping talents from small town, gromming them in in terms of all round growth with brilliance in house live project and software development methodlogies in agile manner.

    Since the Adoption of open source and its re-enginnering to solve the complex business requirement is always a challange for new adopting industry house, Here Infoaxon ‘s rich 11 year of experince do the turn around for the business.

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